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Pharmacy Alliance Supports Charity Organisation Fullife Foundation

Pharmacy Alliance, Australia’s leading independent pharmacy group have partnered with charity organisation, The Fullife Foundation.

The Fullife Foundation was established by pharmacist and member of Pharmacy Alliance, Ian Shanks. The aim of the Foundation is to raise funds and awareness in Australia for an initiative designed to support and develop the health of women and children in Ethiopia, Africa.

On Wednesday 13th April, Pharmacy Alliance’s Member Support Office team in Melbourne, packed 200 safe birthing kits to send to Africa. These simple $3 kits help to substantially reduce the deaths of mothers and infants in developing countries. Every hour 33 women die of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. An estimated 385,000 women die annually in childbirth, many from preventable infections.

Pharmacy Alliance Partner Pharmacies are supporting the Fullife Foundation through encouraging customers to place a donation in collection boxes as well as asking for a donation to the Fullife Foundation for document certification requests.

We are committed to ensuring every dollar donated through the Fulllife donation boxes goes to the projects in Africa to support the health of women and children. Our goal is to raise $2,000 per member pharmacy that is funding the construction of 2 maternal waiting rooms at health centres in Samare, Ethiopia, that will service a population of 60,000 people.

Ian Shanks said, “I am grateful to Pharmacy Alliance for their support and the opportunity to work with the Pharmacy Alliance Partner Pharmacies”.

Darren Dye, Pharmacy Alliance CEO, said “With the collaborative efforts made, we hope to contribute in any way that we can as a group to aid the prevention of mother and infant mortality in Africa”.

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