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Pharmacy assistants required to respond to PATY nomination by Friday

Pharmacy assistants across Australia will have until this Friday, 7 June to nominate themselves or respond to a nomination for the 2019 Pharmacy Guild of Australia/Maxigesic Pharmacy Assistant of the Year Award (PATY).

Employers are encouraged to support their pharmacy assistants and provide them with the motivation to self-nominate by 7 June.

Pharmacy assistants that have already received a nomination are encouraged to respond to their nomination by 7 June to be eligible to participate in this prestigious award.

2018 PATY Winner Alice Vanderpol said PATY is extremely beneficial for pharmacy assistants looking for a new challenge in their career.

“PATY really helps to ignite the passion inside of you and motivates you to do more,” Mrs Vanderpol said.

“It really helps you to understand and believe that what you’re doing makes a difference, and is important.

“The workshops provided the encouragement and motivation to take everything I had learnt and implement it back in the pharmacy, to make it better for our customers.

“I would encourage all pharmacy assistants, regardless of how short or long they’ve been in the industry, to give it a go and nominate themselves.”

For more information on how pharmacy assistants can self-nominate or respond to their nominations, visit

PATY is the premier award for approximately 35,000 pharmacy assistants in Australia, recognising the important role pharmacy assistants play in the success of community pharmacy.

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