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Pharmacy Guild congratulates Dr David Gillespie on appointment as Minister for Regional Health

David Gillespie

The appointment of Dr David Gillespie as Minister for Regional Health has been welcomed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

The National President of the Guild, Trent Twomey, congratulated Dr Gillespie on his appointment and said it came at a challenging time for patients in regional, rural and remote locations across the whole country.

“Health professionals, and in particular community pharmacists, face added pressures in meeting the health needs of their communities in regional, rural and remote Australia,” he said.

“Dr Gillespie brings his previous experience as Assistant Minister for Rural Health and Assistant Minister for Health to his new portfolio and this understanding of the needs of these communities will be invaluable.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the needs of these patients and also where some of the gaps are in providing care.

“We look forward to working closely with Dr Gillespie, especially in showing how community pharmacists working to their full scope of practice can help fill gaps in care and improve the wellbeing of these patients.

“In some remote locations the community pharmacist is the only health professional available to provide care so we must ensure that they can fully use their professional skills and knowledge.”

Adjunct Professor Twomey also thanked the outgoing Minister, Mark Coulton, for his commitment in the role.

“Mark Coulton has held the portfolio during a particularly difficult period and was unwavering in his desire to achieve the best possible health outcomes for everyone in regional, rural and remote Australia,” he said.

“We enjoyed a strong and constructive relationship with him, and I welcome his ongoing contribution as a Member of Parliament.”

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