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Pharmacy trial surpasses 12,000 consultations

The NSW Government’s pharmacy trial has this month surpassed 12,000 total consultations, relieving pressure on GPs and making it easier for people to access basic medications.

The trial allows trained community pharmacists to manage urinary tract infections (UTI) and provide treatment medicines if needed, as well as resupply the oral contraceptive pill (the pill).

Since May last year, when the UTI stage of the trial began, to 15 February 2024, 11,296 consultations occurred across 937 pharmacies around the state.

Since September last year, when the pill stage of the trial began, 854 consultations have occurred across 342 pharmacies.

The trial first began in May last year with almost 100 pharmacies participating. It has now expanded to around 1,200 consented pharmacies across the state, surpassing the 1,000 pharmacies originally projected to participate.

The NSW Government will soon announce the expansion of the trial to include medications for the treatment of minor skin conditions.

The trial continues to undergo evaluation for efficacy, safety and ethical soundness.

Consumers can locate their closest participating pharmacist​.

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Quotes attributable to Minister for Health Ryan Park:

“We know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an appointment with a GP.

“Empowering pharmacists to safely prescribe and dispense basic everyday medications will save people time as well as relieve pressure on our GPs.

“It’s encouraging to see this trial is progressing well and the take up is better than expected.

“We want to ensure this is done safely, and we are determined to get it right.

“We are constantly assessing how we can deliver health care more efficiently as well as safely, and I am excited about the opportunities to expand this initiative elsewhere.”

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