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Puffing Properly: Improving Asthma Health Outcomes via Device Technique Checks

Did you know up to a staggering 90% of people aren’t using their asthma devices properly, consequently not deriving the amount of medication they need?

Pharmacists are the ideal people to help address this issue as they not only have the expertise in how medications work, but also the opportunity to interact with customers when they visit the pharmacy to purchase asthma medications.

Asthma Foundation NSW has a range of video’s and other information to demonstrate correct technique as a reference for pharmacists:

Asthma Foundation NSW also provides support to Pharmacists to help improve asthma device technique with FREE Puffing Properly Packs.

Each pack contains:

  • “Are You Puffing Properly?” Factsheet
  • Tips on how to check your customers’ inhaler technique
  • Sample Control Pack – your customers can easily register online and receive this for Free at
  • Medications & Devices booklets x 2
  • Asthma Basic Facts Brochures x 2
  • 10 Things to Ask & Tell Your Doctor x2
  • DVD for customers that show how to manage their asthma x3
  • Asthma Emergency Wallet Cards x20
  • Asthma Action Plan that customers can take to their GP x20
  • Demonstration spacer

Improving inhaler technique is an excellent way to support patients in achieving better asthma control and improved health outcomes. To register for a FREE Puffing Properly Pack please go to

For further information or to receive our bi-monthly e-newsletter ‘on AIR’ contact 1800 ASTHMA (1800 278 462).

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