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Queensland Volunteers from across the state to be honoured at the Queensland Volunteering Awards at Brisbane City Hall during National Volunteer Week


During National Volunteer Week, 16 – 22 May, volunteers from all over Queensland will be recognised at the Queensland Volunteering Awards on Friday 20 May at Brisbane City Hall.

In a year that has seen so much uncertainty with the continued disruption of COVID-19 and devastating natural disasters, the one thing Queenslanders have been able to count on is the selfless generosity, hard work and commitment of our extraordinary volunteers who have worked tirelessly to support their neighbours, friends, workmates, communities and our environment.

Queensland’s volunteers have since the beginning of time been the life force of their communities, extending helping hands and fostering vital human connections that give hope and meaning to the lives of others, and this year has been no exception.

Through their remarkable endeavours our volunteers have been there to ensure the continued delivery of essential everyday services and then stepped above and beyond the call of duty to help others impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the catastrophic floods.

Whether it was filling thousands of vials of saline for COVID-19 tests, helping out at community vaccination centres, supporting people with disability in using technology to access vital services, providing social support and companionship to people residing in residential aged care facilities where workforces have been decimated by the pandemic, or rolling up their sleeves to clean up and support recovery efforts after the SE Queensland flood event, we have witnessed countless acts of kindness.

The Queensland Volunteering Awards acknowledge and honour the astonishing contribution and spirit of service of all Queensland volunteers and volunteer involving organisations. The Awards are presented across six categories:

• Queensland Volunteer of the Year Award
• Queensland Youth Volunteer of the Year Award
• Queensland Lifetime Contribution to Volunteering Award
• Queensland Excellence in Volunteer Management Award
• Queensland Volunteering Impact Award
• Queensland Corporate Volunteering Award

Volunteering Queensland is privileged to present the Awards. This year we received hundreds of nominations highlighting the hard work and contribution of each inspirational volunteer and making the task of selecting finalists very challenging indeed. Each is making a remarkable difference while gaining much themselves.

Kaye Williams a volunteer from PACT explained it well, “Volunteering is rewarding as I am helping young people at one of their most difficult times in their lives”.

“I am able to help these young people navigate our court system. I am passionate about children’s rights, and I feel my role in PACT helps children regain a sense of self respect that is important to us all.”

Hussain Baba, a volunteer from the Gold Coast, found a way of connecting with his community by starting a project bringing together volunteers from culturally diverse backgrounds to prepare their traditional food for local homeless and vulnerable people.

The project is entirely community run and led and allows people to connect, share food and conversation and cultural understandings, all of which make people feel they belong, are valued, and have a place in society.

This year, the seventh annual Queensland Volunteering Awards presentation, will be the first attended by Volunteering Queensland’s new Patron, Her Excellency Dr Jeannette Young ASM, Governor of Queensland. Guests, comprising volunteers, volunteer involving organisations and family and friends will be treated to an elegant morning tea and live entertainment, as they enjoy the Award presentation ceremony in the main auditorium of Brisbane City Hall.

Volunteering Queensland CEO Mara Basanovic said, “The power and spirit of volunteering is alive and well across Queensland and evidenced every day. Queenslanders are generous, compassionate, and supportive of one another and their local and wider communities.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent devastating floods, we have seen tens of thousands of concerned, caring Queenslanders step forward to lend a helping hand to fellow citizens who found themselves vulnerable and in need.”

“With COVID-19 restrictions easing, we are seeing more and more volunteers come forward wanting to make an ongoing difference and every pair of hands, listening ear and caring heart is needed”.

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