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Recall of Guild branded plastic bags

PaperPak has announced the recall of Guild Branded plastic bags from wholesalers and individual pharmacies.

The Reusable 40UM Plastic Carry Bag, item number Y974P0521 in quantities of 500 per carton, is being recalled from the ACT, QLD, SA/NT, TAS and WA.

The item is being recalled because independent lab testing has revealed the average thickness of plastic does not meet the minimum micron level required in those states.

The method of recall will be collection of stock from relevant wholesaler DCs, and affected pharmacies will be informed of the recall by phone and email this week (week commencing 9 September 2019).

As a matter of priority, PaperPak will contact pharmacies that purchased item Y974P0521 after the 1 July and offer to replace any existing stock holdings with new product that is tested and compliant to all state legislations.

Preventative measures include:

  • All replacement stock and future production will be at a new spec of 45μm thickness.
  • Certificate of Analysis to be issued as a matter of normal practice. This will ensure that each replenishment moving forward will be as per the agreed specification.
  • A new item number has been created Y974P0532. Y974P0521 will become obsolete.
  • Independent lab testing will be completed on the new item, to validate the new 45μm spec.

PaperPak says it anticipates that stock replenishments with the new item Y974P0532 into wholesaler distribution centres will commence the 26 September.

The company will advise all parties within 3-5 business days of stock availability and provide a firm estimated arrival time.

Pharmacies affected will be given the opportunity to submit a request for collection and stock replacement.

Throughout this process, PaperPak says it will look to further support all pharmacies by offering more sustainable alternatives to plastic, such as the Pharmacy Guild branded Paper Carry Bag.

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