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SEQ metropolitan community pharmacies begin vaccinating against COVID-19

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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch’s Acting President Chris Owen, has said that COVID-19 vaccinations have commenced in metropolitan community pharmacies across South East Queensland.

Mr. Owen encouraged members of the community to visit to find their local community pharmacy and book a COVID-19 vaccination.

“We’re thrilled that from today 113 metropolitan community pharmacies in South East Queensland will begin rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Mr. Owen. “With this latest group joining the state-wide rollout, there are now more than 330 community pharmacies delivering COVID-19 vaccinations to Queenslanders.”

“The only way out of these revolving lockdowns is to have as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

“Our Guild Members would like to thank the Queensland Government for accelerating the rollout and providing stock over the last twenty-four hours while we wait for further deliveries from the Commonwealth Government.”

“The accelerated stock delivery will mean that everyone who is currently on a waiting list and is eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccination will now have the opportunity to do so.”

“But there is still more to be done with additional eligible community pharmacies to be onboarded next week and the week after, bringing the total locations in South East Queensland to over 500 and the state to over 700 locations,” said Mr. Owen.

“With 97% of consumers in capital cities and 66% in regional areas live within 2.5km of a pharmacy, it makes sense for community pharmacies to be at the forefront of the rollout. Pharmacies are also the most frequently visited primary healthcare destinations,” said Mr. Owen.

“The message we’re sending Queenslanders when it comes to vaccines is clear,” said Mr. Owen, “If you’re over 18, get the vaccine.”

“Pharmacists are medicine experts, including in vaccines. We stand willing and able, to speak with you about the risks and benefits of the vaccine and ensure patients make informed decisions,” said Mr. Owen.

“Anyone administering a COVID-19 vaccine in community pharmacies has undergone the Commonwealth’s mandatory training with the Australian College of Nurses on this specific vaccine.”

The community can visit to see all Queensland community pharmacies administering the COVID-19 vaccination. Bookings can be made by clicking on the pharmacy’s link in the interactive map.

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