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Seqirus Launches First OTC Offering, Nervoderm®

Seqirus has entered the over-the-counter market for the first time with a new Schedule 2, medicated patch, Nervoderm®.

Nervoderm, a dual-action medicated patch containing lidocaine, is clinically proven to relieve nerve pain associated with medically diagnosed post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), which may be felt as burning, stabbing, shooting pains at or near the skin surface that may be accompanied by increased sensitivity to touch, heat or cold.

When applied, the active ingredient of Nervoderm absorbs into the skin to reduce the transmission of pain impulses from nerve endings and relieve pain, while the hydrogel patch forms a protective barrier providing a soothing effect at the site of application.

“We have worked closely with our in-license partner to bring to market a product to help those in the community suffering from debilitating nerve pain associated with medically diagnosed PHN,” said Dr Lorna Meldrum, Vice President, Commercial Operations.

Nervoderm has been launched in partnership with pharmacy brokerage service, Pharmabroker Sales.

“As this is our first, Schedule 2 over the counter offering, we are pleased to be partnering with pharmacy brokerage service, Pharmabroker Sales. Their experience in over-the-counter pharmacy sales and well established relationships within the network has helped build our understanding of the market ahead of a planned national launch,” Dr Meldrum said.

For more information on Nervoderm visit

Always read the label, use only as directed, if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Nervoderm® is a registered trademark of SeqirusTM UK Ltd or its affiliates.

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