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SkinB5: Real success stories

After trying many acne products, Luis found a long-term solution for his cystic acne with SkinB5 Nutritional Acne Treatment System.

Using SkinB5, Luis has now controlled his acne successfully and from continued daily supplementation (maintenance) Luis has seen significant reduction in his acne scarring.

Luis’ experience, as quoted below in trialling ineffective or adverse products without consistent success, is a common presentation to pharmacists:

“Normally you can come across skin products that aren’t harmful but all they do is act like a moisturising product, not actually treat for acne! There are the other products that fully dry your skin out and bleach your towels because of the angry chemicals, for what they believe HELPS YOUR SKIN!”

Utilising the power of vitamin B5, SkinB5’s innovative Nutritional Acne Treatment System combines supplements and skincare to eliminate and treat the underlying causes of Acne from the INSIDE OUT. Five Key Actions of SkinB5 to control acne: sebum control, hormone balance, strengthening immunity, stress relief and cell renewal.

Since 2006, SkinB5 has successfully treated thousands of acne sufferers across the world, using its flagship patented Vitamin B5 based potent nutraceutical formulation and healing, restorative skincare products.

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