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State of Volunteering in Queensland 2024 Report reveals AU $117 billion value to the economy

On Tuesday 7 May Volunteering Queensland launches the second State of Volunteering in Queensland Report. This report is the second only of its kind and quantifies the economic and social value of volunteering, provides insights into the characteristics and challenges of volunteers and volunteer managers and advances evidence-based data to inform effective stakeholder decisions regarding community wellbeing.

“As expected, and in line with other demographic research, our research shows a decline in overall rates of volunteering since the 2021 Report. This 2024 report found that 64.3% of Queenslanders (aged over 15 years) volunteered in the previous 12 months. This is a decline of just over 10% in three years.” Said Mara Basanovic, CEO of Volunteering Queensland. 

‘However, Queenslanders want to volunteer more. Around 30% of surveyed residents, regardless of whether they currently volunteer or not, would like to do more. Most people who currently volunteer wish to keep on volunteering. The reason people don’t or can’t volunteer more is multifaceted, but this research identifies several key barriers, most notably people’s restrictions on time, health factors and the rising costs of living.’ she said. 

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The value of volunteering has continued to increase with a $4.70 return delivered for every $1 invested in volunteering. As significant as that is, it now costs volunteers $15.57 for every hour they volunteer (an increase from $4.76 in 2020), with volunteers shouldering 76.2% of this cost and organisations only reimbursing their volunteers 23.8% of these costs.  

This research highlights the critical need for strategic investment to support Queensland’s volunteers and volunteer involving organisations and the generous work they do to build and maintain a cohesive community. The more reinforced is the message that volunteers make a positive difference and are highly valued, and that as a society we understand and support their essential role in maintaining our quality and way of life, the more likely it is that people will volunteer and continue to volunteer. 

We celebrate the contribution of volunteering, not only to shine the spotlight on their vital contribution and commitment to service to advance our State and community, but also to encourage others to also contribute as, when and where they are able to do so. Volunteering Queensland has developed an Advocacy Plan to progress the findings in the report and ensure that Queensland volunteering has a robust future that supports the multifaceted, critical work that volunteers undertake. The plan also identifies actions that will continue to provide diverse, rewarding opportunities for Queenslanders that will enable them to meaningfully contribute back to their community through volunteering.

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