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Support your patients’ travel health needs with the College’s accredited Travel Health Course

ACP Travel health course

Today, the Australasian College of Pharmacy (College), launched the accredited Travel Health Course.

Australian pharmacists are encouraged to get ready for the upcoming travel season by enrolling and completing the comprehensive Travel Health Course.

The recent increase in travel provides a significant opportunity for pharmacists to help patients prepare for travel by providing pre-travel advice and vaccination, and manage any health concerns whilst travelling and upon return home.

The Travel Health Course provides pharmacists with an understanding of what travel health is and what constitutes travel health services; assessing a patient’s risk while traveling; vaccine-preventable illnesses; clinical presentation and complications with insect-borne illness; and transport-related conditions including jet lag, motion sickness and venous thromboembolism.

Pharmacists can become a College member for the reduced rate of $250 and enrol in the Travel Health Course, as well as enrol in the recently launched Oral Contraceptives Course and Medication Administration Course. 

College Members can enrol in the Travel Health Course for free as part of their College Membership. Similarly, Guild Proprietor Members can enrol as part of their complimentary College membership. 

All Australian pharmacists may undertake the Travel Health Course yet only provide services in line with state and territory legislation where they practise.

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