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Sustainable choices today for the future tomorrow

TePe Headquarters

Should you fly over the TePe headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, you would probably notice the glistening solar panels and the reddish-green roof covering TePe’s production facilities. Looking even closer, you might even catch a glimpse of the busy honeybees buzzing around above the greenery.


However, guests will most likely experience TePe from the ground. Chances are you will be more intrigued by the state-of-the-art manufacturing units churning out a variety of brushes round the clock. TePe’s team members are used to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of astonished visitors being guided along the production lines.

But technology at TePe involves more than meets the eye. What may come across as ordinary plastic parts are in fact the result of thorough research and efforts for sustainability, such as a growing share of renewable raw materials replacing fossil-based materials in products and packaging.

In addition, the manufacturing takes place using 100% renewable energy, supplemented by power from TePe’s own solar panels since 2018. In 2022, yet another 1,000 panels mounted on top of a green sedum roof will double the effect. The greenery and panels offer shade and create a unique environment for insects – including the 100,000 bees already residing in the rooftop apiary.

TePe and Green Energy

The use of green energy, the ongoing shift to renewable sources and the transition from air to sea freight are all part of TePe’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. It means that, today, TePe can offer an entire range of bio based products with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

However, sustainability goes beyond materials, production and carbon dioxide. It is also about creating good conditions for long-term wellbeing. TePe is built on a vision to create healthy smiles for life by inspiring good oral health. Thus, the company works together with dentists, hygienists and therapists worldwide to educate and inform about oral health, preventive care and the connection between oral health and general health.

At, TePe has created a knowledge platform for dental and healthcare professionals, students and health-minded individuals in the form of free articles, lectures and tutorials – for personal development and for the good of all.

Today, caries and periodontitis affect millions of people, and research increasingly links oral disease to several systemic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Hence, the dental profession has a vital role in easing the global burden of oral disease, taking a preventive and health-promoting approach.


The UN Sustainable Development Goals emphasise the role of collaborations and partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society to drive progress and enable long-term positive impact.

A recent collaboration of interest to the health sector is the FDI World Dental Federation Sustainability in Dentistry initiative, which unites eco-conscious dental industry partners around a common aim.

FDI and its partners, among them TePe, cooperate in mapping out strategies and implementing solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of dentistry and the dental industry.

This discussion continues in different forums. In Australia and New Zealand, we are working together with APCO in working groups focusing on health care and sustainable packaging opportunities. We also regularly participate in local community-driven clean-ups to make sure our local parks and waterways are free from rubbish and plastic pollution.

You can also meet us and discuss our sustainable choices at Pharmacy Connect in Sydney in September.

Making conscious choices today will affect our future tomorrow – and TePe wants to be your partner all the way.

For more information on TePe’s sustainability initiatives, visit or contact us at

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