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The Australasian College of Pharmacy launches accreditation training

Accreditation Training

College President, Ms Michelle Bou-Samra, is pleased to announce the College will offer accreditation training for all pharmacists from 2023 onwards.

“The College is dedicated to supporting the education needs of all pharmacists across Australia, including accredited pharmacists,” Ms. Bou-Samra said.

“We are pleased to offer high-quality, affordable accreditation training, and the College welcomes pharmacists who are interested in becoming accredited to do so through the College.”

“In addition, current pharmacists undergoing accreditation with the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) will be able to complete their accreditation training as a member of the Australasian College of Pharmacy after AACP ceases operations at the end of 2022,” Ms Bou-Samra said.

“The College is dedicated to supporting all pharmacists to practice to their full scope and, as such, encourages all pharmacists to undertake accreditation training as a step towards this.’

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“Practicing to full scope and equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills allows you to provide greater healthcare services for the patients in your community and throughout Australia.”

“Accreditation not only supports pharmacists to provide Home Medicines Reviews and Residential Medication Management Reviews, but the skills and knowledge required to do any type of medication reviews.”

“We encourage those interested to visit the College website and complete the expression of interest form to be kept up to date when the accreditation training enrolments open for 2023.”

“The College is supportive of removing the re-accreditation requirements for accredited pharmacists, which was seen as a significant barrier,” Ms. Bou-Samra said.

“If you are already an accredited pharmacist, the College will support you in maintaining your accreditation status with the Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA).”

“If you are not a member of the College, we encourage you to join to undergo accreditation and to gain access to the education and support needed to maintain your CPD requirements.”

“Once again, the College recognises and acknowledges the work of AACP and the education services provided to accredited pharmacists.”

“We continue to work closely with AACP to ensure the continuity of accreditation training and provision of support provided to current and upcoming accredited pharmacists,” Ms Bou-Samra said.

Pharmacists are encouraged to view the College’s affordable membership options and benefits available via the website

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