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The Different Ways to Buy a New Car

AVBS - The different ways to buy a new car - Business

There are many options open to individuals and companies who wish to purchase a new vehicle. Firstly, there is the tried and tested version of rolling up to a dealer show room for a test drive of a specific model, or a few different models. The dealer show room has a few benefits. You get to see and touch the vehicle and you get to test drive it. On the down side, you can expect to be offered what will appear to be a great deal on a vehicle that is right there on the showroom floor, or one that’s in stock. Interestingly though, AVBS has constantly shown that the great deal that clients are pressured into are rarely great. That big shiny showroom, the land its sitting on, and all that stock, has to be paid for by someone, and yes that person is you.

How and why is AVBS so successful, and why does the Pharmacy Guild have them as a preferred partner?

Well the AVBS approach to vehicle buying is very different.

  • AVBS are a licensed motor dealer and not just a broker.
  • No fancy, expensive show room
  • No stock waiting to be sold.
  • The people at AVBS take care of the entire buying process since 2001.

How do they do it? It is simple:

You (clients, people like yourself), call AVBS and they find the exact vehicle you are looking for. AVBS negotiates all parts of the deal for you they have any extras fitted before delivery, take care of your trade in, and deliver your vehicle to your door at a time that suits you. You never have to set foot in a show room or be hassled by a car salesman calling you up to 12 times a day. With AVBS you get to relax and spend time with family, or extra time at work, while AVBS finds you the best deal for exactly what you want.

AVBS is renowned for getting amazing deals on new vehicles due to their buying power. Interestingly 90% of all of AVBS new business comes from referrals, now that speaks volumes. If you’re looking for customer service, and the best price on the right vehicle, the Pharmacy Guild suggests you call their preferred partner AVBS on 1300 76 49 49, and tell them the Guild sent you.

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