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The enemies of pharmacists are pharmacists

The ongoing misconception of pharmacists being classed as ‘retailers’ instead of healthcare providers will be a hot topic at this year’s Pharmacy Connect conference.

Addressing the subject will be Canadian pharmacy leader and University of Alberta’s Professor Ross Tsuyuki, who claims that pharmacists have themselves to blame for this impression.

“We all want to practice to our full scope. There are many barriers, but many of those barriers are those which we create and perpetuate ourselves,” Professor Tsuyuki said.

“Some of the things we do and say creates a culture and an impression that we are retailers – not healthcare professionals.

“Some of them scream of subservience. This has to stop.”

Professor Tsuyuki will share this thought-provoking view during his session on Friday, 6 September at 4.50pm, titled The biggest enemy of pharmacists are…. pharmacists.

Australian pharmacy leader and Conference Convenor, Kos Sclavos AM supports the Professor’s view, and believes pharmacists should eliminate the word ‘retail’ from their vocabulary.

“The word ‘retail’ in ‘retail pharmacy’ damages the reputation of the industry,” Mr Sclavos said.

“We as pharmacists must look past this terminology for our industry to advance.”

Professor Tsuyuki will also present a second session at the conference, where he will advocate for all pharmacists to focus exclusively on full scope of pharmacy practice.

“All of our patients and populations need, want and deserve access to their pharmacist’s full scope of clinical services,” Professor Tsuyuki said.

“These services are evidence-based, cost-saving and preferred by patients.

“A full scope of pharmacy practice includes prescribing, ordering laboratory tests, injections, and disease management.

“Shouldn’t the scope of pharmacy practice be driven by evidence, rather than outdated and restricted legislation and turf protection?”

The session, The evidence of a full scope of practice will be followed by a panel discussion, drilling down to the specific issues impacting a full scope of practice in Australia.

For more information on Professor Tsuyuki’s sessions, download the Pharmacy Connect 2019 program at

Pharmacy Connect 2019 will be held from 5 to 7 September at Hilton Hotel in Sydney.

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