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The future of community pharmacy is in your hands


Consent to GuildData today to ensure your pharmacy will benefit from stronger 7CPA negotiated outcomes. Take a few minutes today and confirm your participation – it could change the future direction of your pharmacy.

Why consent today?

1. Help us help you!

Accessing the data from your pharmacy puts the Guild in a stronger position to support Members and negotiate 7CPA outcomes on your behalf.

Our GuildData initiative is designed to ensure your pharmacy will benefit from the information collected. The more pharmacies that participate, the louder our collective voice will be.

“Information is power. Let the Guild represent you
for 7CPA negotiations and ongoing advocacy work.”
— Anthony Tassone, Chairman of the GuildData Strategy Committee

2. Valuable industry insights

Sharing your data will allow the Guild to advocate on your behalf with all the benefits of big-data technology. By collecting information from pharmacies across Australia, the Guild can create improved, aggregated data analysis and relevant industry insights.

3. Safe and simple data collection

Because we’re working with GuildLink, our GuildData initiative is 100% owned by the Guild and will be conducted with regards to Members best interests at all times.

This includes an ongoing commitment to maintaining strong privacy safeguards and protecting your sensitive patient and pharmacy information.

After installation, GuildData will take care of all data collection with no further time spent by you and no additional impact to your business.

4. Future proof your pharmacy

CP2025 focuses on actions that can take your community pharmacy into the future.

Working together with GuildData, we can identify key industry trends and potential impacts and most importantly, new opportunities for your pharmacy.

Together we’re negotiating positive future outcomes for community pharmacy so join with us and give your consent today.

Add your voice to 7CPA negotiations and ensure your patients ultimately benefit.

Thanks for supporting GuildData.

How to consent — for all community pharmacies

A few minutes is all it takes. Choose one of the following:

Register your consent (a GuildCare subscription is not required)
Consent within your current GuildCare NG platform
• Call the GuildData support team on 1300 859 328
GuildData FAQs

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