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The Latest Innovation in Skin Tag Removal!

Biorevive - Spotner

BioRevive is delighted to announce the launch of the latest addition to their innovative Spotner Skincare Brand.

New Spotner Skin Tag Remover revolutionises the removal of Skin Tags, providing a simple and effective topical cryotherapy system that patients can use at home.

Skin Tags or acrochordons are small benign, fleshy lesions attached to the skin by a narrow peduncle or stalk.

They are a common occurrence as we age with a reported incidence of 46% in the general population or around five times that of common warts1,2.

Unlike warts, Skin Tags typically begin presenting in our forties and tend to increase in frequency up through our fifties and beyond – as many as 59% of people may have Skin Tags by the age of 70 years1.Biorevive - Spotner

While benign by definition, Skin Tags are often chosen to be removed due to: Biorevive – Spotner

  • Irritation & discomfort – caused by constant rubbing against clothing, towels or jewellery,
  • Shaving inconvenience – they can be difficult to navigate when shaving around the neck or armpits,
  • Cosmetic aesthetics – they can be both unsightly and embarrassing.

New Spotner Skin Tag Remover simply and effectively freezes and removes most Skin Tags in just one application.

Delivering an outstanding freezing profile (58 seconds at <0°C) via conduction with its precision metal tip, Spotner provides safe, precise application ensuring that no cryogen contacts the tag or surrounding skin. Extra thick re-usable protective foam plasters (6 provided) help further protect healthy skin.

Combining a simple cryogen initiation system with easy to follow usage instructions, Spotner is ready to use straight out of the box with no assembly required.

Spotner Skin Tag Remover has a RRP of $29.95 with up to 18 applications from the convenient 50mL dispenser.

1.Schwartz RA. Acrochordon Epidemiology,, Accessed January 5, 2015.
2.Shenefelt PD et al. Non-genital Warts Epidemiology,, Accessed January 5, 2015.

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