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The winning touch from 2013 to now

Being named Guild Pharmacy of the Year in 2013 continues to have a significant impact on the business operations of Lim’s Pharmacy in Springvale, Victoria.

Proprietor Richard Lim said the prestige of the award had been recognised throughout the community and the profession.

“It has been very good for the pharmacy and we are still getting results from being named Pharmacy of the Year a few years ago,” he said.

“It really made the community and the profession notice us and appreciate what we are doing.

“After winning the award we were invited to a whole range of community events across different cultures – we went to Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian events just to name a few.

“We were also invited to schools and other community events; all in acknowledgement of the award and what it stands for.

“Everyone appreciated how important and prestigious this award is and wanted to make contact with us. It was a great recognition for all our hard work.

“Other pharmacies also contacted us as they looked up to us as a model after receiving the award.”

The Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong held a reception for the occasion, and Mr Lim was also invited by the Premier, Daniel Andrews, to a business function at Parliament House alongside other guests, where he congratulated Lim’s Pharmacy and Richard for their Pharmacy of the Year award.

Since then, Daniel Andrews has continued to acknowledge Richard’s works in philanthropy and his pharmacy’s achievements and great contributions to the community when they attend functions together, as well as when Richard and Lim’s Pharmacy were fundraising for the Monash Children’s Hospital at the 2018 Springvale Lunar New Year Festival.

“Locally, the Mayor of the City of Greater Dandenong and the members of the local council were very proud that a pharmacy in their area had won the national award and been named Pharmacy of the Year,” he said.

“To beat the pharmacies in the big cities was seen as a great achievement.”

As far as the effect on business operations went, Mr Lim said it had been significant.

He said existing customers had been very proud that their pharmacy had won and this reinforced their loyalty to Lim’s Pharmacy.

“On top of that we found we were attracting quite a lot of new customers who came to us because they saw that we had won the award for our services, our commitment and the fact that we are a very multi-cultural pharmacy,” he said.

“We are still getting new customers coming from up to 40km away because of our award.

“Our continuing involvement in a whole range of different local community events and charities, most notably their Cambodia Vision charity which sees over 700 attendees at their annual fundraising event, has also helped to cement our position in the community.

“We are not just a local pharmacy – we are a part of the community.”

Mr Lim said he believed all pharmacies should enter the award.

“The process is not difficult and it helps to make you reflect on how you operate and that is always a good thing,” he said.

“And the prestige that comes with the award cannot be overstated. It is amazing how much it means to everyone, not just the pharmacy profession.”

Mr Lim said winning the award was especially significant for the staff of the pharmacy.

“When it was announced they were excited and very proud and we of course celebrated,” he said.

“But even now, a few years later, that pride in the award continues to motivate the staff in many ways.

“The staff still look at it as a benchmark for what they do and how they provide the very best service to all of our customers and patients.

“They still see it as a major driver for the pharmacy’s day-to-day business.”

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