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Webster-Paks: The Smart Solution for Parkinson’s Medication Management

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and World Parkinson’s Day is recognised on 11 April each year. Today in Australia, more than one person every hour will hear the words ‘you have Parkinson’s’ for the first time, making it a critical time to increase awareness about managing the disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is a chronic and progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. Managing Parkinson’s medication can be challenging, as patients often require multiple medications at specific times throughout the day. However, using Webster-paks can improve medication management and reduce the risk of medication errors.

A Webster-pak is a medication management system that organises medication by time of day and dose, making it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time. Developed in partnership with Parkinsons NSW, the Webster-pak 6 Dose (Parkinson’s) solution accommodates up to six dosage times in one convenient medication pack. The distinctive fuchsia-coloured folder stands out to alert the user of specific dosage times, offering greater flexibility to increase treatments as the disease progresses and the therapeutic window narrows.

“Parkinson’s medication management is critical, as missing a dose or taking the wrong medication can lead to serious consequences such as increased tremors, muscle rigidity, and even hospitalisation. However, the use of Webster-paks can help patients and caregivers avoid medication errors and ensure medication compliance,” explains Gerard Stevens AM, medication expert, and inventor of the Webster-pak.

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Pharmacist Rosemarie Mundy from Priceline Pharmacy Hamilton says that the use of Webster-paks can be an effective tool for managing medications in patients with Parkinson’s disease, improving medication adherence, reducing medication errors, and improving quality of life.

“We have seen the benefits of a Webster-pak firsthand in our customers with Parkinson’s. The system simplifies medication management for both patients and caregivers and ensures that the medication is taken on time, which is crucial in managing Parkinson’s Disease.”

The extra dosage times accommodate the high frequency medication intervals required for complex medication regimens, like Parkinson’s disease. This offers greater flexibility to increase treatments as the disease progresses and the therapeutic window narrows. Medication dosage times can be fully customised by the prescriber to meet patient requirements, allowing individuals to control their treatment, and not be fixed to standard dosage times.

The Parkinson’s Webster-pak is equally useful for aged care facilities and home use.

“The Parkinson’s Webster-pak is particularly useful in aged-care facilities where there are often numerous medication rounds to be made which can make it very challenging to deliver medication on-time every time. Feedback from the pilot was that the bright colour helped a lot as a visual prompt to give those medications first and at exactly the right time.”

The Webster-pak system is available through pharmacies and can be customised to meet the individual needs of each patient. The system is simple to use, and patients receive clear instructions on how to take their medication.

On World Parkinson’s Day, Mr. Stevens encourages patients and caregivers to talk to their pharmacist or healthcare provider about using Webster-Paks to manage their medication.

“Webster-paks offer a smart solution for Parkinson’s medication management, providing patients with peace of mind and reducing the risk of medication errors. If you or a loved one is living with Parkinson’s Disease, talk to your pharmacist or healthcare provider about using Webster-Paks to manage your medication,” says Mr Stevens.

For further information or to place an order, contact Webstercare’s Customer Service team on 1800 244 358 or email

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