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Women’s REGAINE®: Revive your VA-VA-VOOM!

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Clinically Proven to Regrow Hair in 81%1 of Women Experiencing Thinning Hair Associated with Hereditary Hair Loss.Healthhaus - Women's Regaine - Product Insight

1 in 3 women will notice hair thinning or hair loss after age 30 and it can start as early as her 20’s. Today, the hair regrowth category leader, REGAINE® Brand, announced the official launch to market of Women’s REGAINE® Foam, the first and only clinically proven foam to regrow hair for women.

Women’s REGAINE® Foam reactivates hair follicles and stimulates hair regrowth with clinically proven results in as little as 12 weeks. Clinical studies show that with once daily use of Women’s REGAINE® Foam for 24 weeks, 81%1 of women regrew hair, and new hairs were up to 48% thicker1.

This innovation is a welcomed treatment for women who are looking to address the cause of thinning hair, rather than apply a cosmetic, quick fix. Unlike products that temporarily thicken hair, Women’s REGAINE® targets the root of the problem, reenergizes and revitalizes hair follicles. Women’s REGAINE® Foam doesn’t interfere with styling and comes in an elegant foam formula that can easily fit into any hair care routine.

Jaye Edwards, founder of Edwards and Co. salons says, “Thinning hair goes beyond flat, dull-looking hair. Women crave solutions that work and can be easily incorporated into their daily beauty routines. Women’s REGAINE® Foam can fit seamlessly into any hair care routine, akin to moisturising and using an eye cream.”

Hereditary Hair Loss in Women

Contrary to common belief, hereditary hair loss is the most common reason for progressive hair thinning. Female Pattern Hair Loss appears as a “diffuse” thinning over the top of the head and along the part. It can come from either the mother’s or father’s side of the family.

Most people lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is considered normal hair loss. People who consistently experience loss or shedding of 150 or more hairs a day may be experiencing significant loss. Early signs of loss can include build-up of hair in a hairbrush or shower drain, increased incidence of loose hairs on your pillow or clothing and visible changes when styling such as hair clips feeling loser or wrapping elastics more times around hair. Hereditary Hair Loss:

  • Accounts for 90% of all hair loss or hair thinning.
  • Can start between puberty and the 20s with a second peak in the early 40s.
  • Can resemble an Evergreen tree pattern with the most extensive hair loss occurring on the top of the head and along the part.
  • If left untreated, hair thinning can worsen over time.

Hair Regrowth for Women: Hope and Empowerment

Women with Female Pattern Hair Loss should not feel alone. Treatment options have come a long way and Women’s REGAINE® Foam is a major advancement in the category. Unlike cosmetic thickeners which coat the hair and temporarily mask the issue, this innovative product when used once a day – every day – actually helps regrow hair. And, its unique, enhanced biodelivery system is designed to break down with body heat to deposit the product on the scalp without residue to make styling that much easier.

Women’s REGAINE® Foam has convenient, easy to use, once-daily usage and fits seamlessly into any hair care routine:

  • To apply, simply dispense the product onto a non-porous surface, part hair to help maximize scalp exposure and massage it into the scalp and allow to dry.
  • Women’s REGAINE® Foam can be applied to dry or towel dried hair; followed with the styling product(s) of choice.
  • The product can be used on colored or chemically-treated hair, but should not be used on the same day of any chemical treatment to the hair.
  • It is not greasy, doesn’t weigh hair down and there is no buildup after multiple applications.
  • Non-messy application doesn’t leave residue.
  • Easy to apply to areas where needed.
  • Continued use of Women’s REGAINE® Foam is required to maintain results.
  • Women’s REGAINE® Foam is available in pharmacies nationwide without a prescription in March 2016 and has RRP of $57.95 for a 2-month supply and $84.95 for a 4-month supply.

With 25 years of results and numerous clinical trials, the REGAINE® brand is the #1 hair regrowth treatment available in Australia without prescription. The REGAINE® brand provides a variety of hair loss treatment options and continues to innovate in the Hair Regrowth Treatment category.

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