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World-first Hip Fracture Registry Toolbox striving to improve care for the 1 million+ who fracture a hip in Asia Pacific each year


An innovative, world-first- Hip Fracture Registry Toolbox has been launched to address the alarming death and disability caused by the more than 1 million hip fractures sustained in the Asia Pacific each year.

Developed by the Asia Pacific Fragility Fracture Alliance (APFFA) in collaboration with the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN), the practical and informative resource explains the fundamental need, and how to best advocate for, the establishment of a national hip fracture registry.

Tailored to clinicians, hospital administrators, healthcare systems and governments alike, the Toolbox covers pertinent topics, including stakeholder engagement and consolidation, building a case for change, planning and funding a registry, to setting up a pilot registry, and navigating governance and ethics approval. Examples of current registries and other useful resources also feature in the Toolbox.

Hip fracture registries can transform patient-level data into information that equips hospital teams to identify, and develop solutions for key challenges within their respective institutions, and to strive for ongoing improvement in care.

Wide-scale implementation of hip fracture registries can facilitate vast improvements in care for the millions who sustain a hip fracture each year globally, and can serve as a vital tool underpinning quality improvement initiatives.

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Image by IAOM-US from Pixabay

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