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World Pharmacists Day September 25

World Pharmacist Day

Australians celebrate community pharmacists and the integral role they play in primary healthcare on World Pharmacists Day, Friday 25 September.

Friday 25 September marks the 10th World Pharmacists Day. This year, more than ever before, Australians are encouraged to take a minute to tag their local community pharmacy on social media and thank them for their un-relenting support as local primary healthcare hubs. This week Australians are invited to visit the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch’s, Facebook page and share the pinned video post to show some love to these healthcare heroes.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch President and World Pharmacy Council Secretary, Professor Trent Twomey, encouraged all Australians to thank their local community pharmacy and pharmacists by tagging them and sharing the Queensland Branch’s fun World Pharmacists Day video online. Professor Twomey said that community pharmacists are proud to support Australians and will continue to play a crucial role during the coronavirus pandemic, working hard to serve their patients.

“This year’s World Pharmacists Day theme is ‘transforming global health’ and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the many ways that community pharmacists contribute to a world where everyone has access to safe and convenient primary healthcare.” “As we know 2020 has been challenging but the immense work and extraordinary dedication that local community pharmacies, pharmacists and their staff have shown is remarkable. They have truly been there with Australians every step of the way and continued to stay open and serve on the coronavirus pandemic frontline.”

“Community pharmacists are one of the most trusted primary healthcare professions and consumers regularly visit their local pharmacy ‘health hub’ 18 times a year, on average.”

“It’s a close relationship with 97% of consumers living within 2.5km of their local community pharmacy, and 65% living within 2.5km in regional areas. Community pharmacists provide safe and convenient access to key primary healthcare services, every day, of every month, of every year – not just during the pandemic,” Professor Twomey said.

“In other World Pharmacy Council member countries, like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark and Spain, community pharmacists have continued to play a substantial role in their public health systems, further stepping up in 2020 to be a pillar of collaborative frontline primary healthcare,” Professor Twomey added.

“This week, please share the love and say thank you by tagging one of Australia’s 5,674 local community pharmacies and sharing the video,” Prof. Twomey said.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch, encourages all Australians to thank their local community pharmacist by tagging them and sharing the World Pharmacists Day video online.

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